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It all began with a lump of clay...

When I first picked up a lump of polymer clay over twenty years ago, I knew it was love at first squeeze...


At first, my polymer clay creations were tiny. I made two inch figures and stuck them to the fronts of greetings cards. Since these small beginnings, my figures have grown (a lot!) and now I use this amazing medium to craft detailed figures and set them in hand-painted scenes on canvas.


Inspirations are firmly rooted in everyday life - the joy is in creating a painting that celebrates the familiar in a new way. I like my paintings to burst with colour and life and I like people to smile (even laugh out loud) when they see them.

landscape frame.jpg
Coming into Harbour proof.jpg

Depicting scenes with people doing everyday things is often the starting point. I love fishing boats, beach scenes and joyful pursuits like crabbing, pottery, cycling or dancing.


But I'm also happy to dive below the waves and create some sparkling mermaids and

scenes from out

of this world!

new clay logo.jpg
passion for polymr.jpg
The Song of the Sea proof.jpg

I feel very lucky to be able to spend my days creating in clay, painting and digitally drawing.


Whether it's work for galleries, family portraits or greetings card designs, I always want to create art that lifts the spirits and brings a smile! 


Please do join my mailing list below if you'd like me to keep you updated with any events, art fairs or new work.

You can find my work

in some very nice galleries around the UK

Brayshaw commission proof.jpg
High Season Swanage.jpg

Azure Gallery                       
Gallery 38                             
Lovely's Gallery  

Charlestown Gallery   

Thinking of a commission?

For a more personal piece, I can create a bespoke piece for you.
Portraits have proved to be enormously popular as unique mementoes

of life's big events!

Individuals, groups and pets can appear in the picture in a particular

setting which is special to them. Birthdays, Anniversaries, New arrivals, graduations and weddings are the perfect occasions to celebrate

with a special commission.  Family portraits are always popular

with each member appearing in their chosen outfit or busy at their

favourite pastime. One company even commissioned a new logo in clay!

Please visit the commissions page for some inspiration! 

Picture Frame Graphic
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