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a bespoke portrait!

Mark some of life's big events with a unique portrait commission!

 Individuals, groups, families and their pets can appear

in the picture in a particular setting which is special

to them.

Birthdays, weddings,

anniversaries, new arrivals

and graduations are the 
perfect occasions to 
celebrate with a special commission

Commissioning a portrait... click through the images to see the process. 

Harbour Lights commission layout.jpg

Stage 1 - the sketch

Every portrait starts with a sketch. They're often pretty scruffy affairs, but they are the plan for the composition of the portrait. I work from photos of the people to appear and as much information as possible to get clothing, hair, relative heights as accurately as I can.
At this stage I also try to work out the most effective way to give equal prominence to everybody in the scene, while keeping important background features in view.

The sketch is emailed over for approval and any changes can be made at this stage.

Some recent portrait commissions Click on an image to enlarge

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